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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Racing Nation forums are run as a message board for members to discuss various topics as well as contact Racing Nation Staff for technical support or help with ordering.
While at the moment we do not hold information about our members other than than the email address they registered with, we will never sell your personal information.

Legal The user should be aware Racing Nation will comply with lawful requests by relevant public authorities under the legal jurisdiction of England and Wales.

Contact information - Data controller: Contact: admin@racingnation.co.uk Please put Privacy Enquiry in subject line.

Server Logs To maintain security compliance and for the benefit of law enforcement the system will make logs containing the users IP address.

Your rights Users are able to make the following requests to the Data Controller:

    Request a copy of all personal data stored concerning the user.
    Request that incorrect data is corrected
    Request that their data be provided in portable digital format.
    Request that personal data is deleted or blocked

Personal data we hold about you - Email address, Username, Date of Birth (Optional), Location (Optional), Occupation (Optional). Your posts and signature may contain personal data if you choose to post it. Please be aware if you choose to share this on the public internet we may not be able to remove it.

Cookies - Cookies are small pieces of text your web browser stores to let the website remember you between pages. We use session cookies to maintain your login (they are forgotten when you close your browser) and cookies to optionally remember you so you do not need to login each time you visit. We also use cookies for Analytics so we can see how many users are visiting the forums and how frequently.

Google Analytics is processed in the US and processes your usage data and stores first and third party cookies. IP data is anonymized. Please see their Privacy Policy and Opt- Out pages for more information.

Account Deletion: - Please make all requests for deleting your account to the contact details above. Your registration details, profile, and any private messages will be permanently removed from our servers. Posts will made anonymous but will be removed at our discretion and with respect to avoiding harm to privacy.

Changes to this policy Changes to this policy can be made at any time, the most recent date this policy has been modified is listed at the bottom of this page.

Last Modified 19 November 2021

Third Parties

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google utilizes the Data collected to track and examine the use of this website, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services.
Spam Defense
The IPS Spam Defense Service passes the email address and IP address of the registering member to the service to determine the likelihood a registering account is a spam source.
Antispam by Cleantalk
This site uses the CleanTalk Anti-Spam service to protect the site from spam. The service uses Cookies and receives some information about the site visitor's browser and other data such as user name, e-mail addresses, IP and some other.


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